10 Customers Every Waiter & Waitress Hates Serving

1.The Table with the Bratty Kid

Nobody likes to eat in a restaurant near a unruly kid, much less have to serve them while they are screaming at the top of their lungs and rolling all over the floor.

2.The Huge Group of Teens

When you see a huge group of teens coming into the restaurant, you can about guarantee that they’ll be really loud, laugh at the dumbest stuff, try to “out funny” each other, and thenleave a huge mess.

3. The Weird Flirty Dude

It’s always awkward when a customer creepishly flirts, trying to get your phone number, trying to make plans with you, or asking when your shift is over. This is a restaurant, not a dating service.

4.The Constant Complainer

Mistakes happen and sometimes the waiter or the chef screws up the order. It’s really not done on purpose. But, there’s always that one person who complains about everything… even after they’ve eaten all the food on their plate.


5.The Person Allergic to Literally Everything

It’s really not their fault they are allergic to absolutely every food on this planet. But still.

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