10 misconceptions people have about sex

1. Size Matters

It doesn’t really matter if you are packing a button mushroom, Thor’s Hammer or Arya Stark’s Needle. Men often worry that their penis isn’t enough. The adage is true, it’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean. A woman’s vagina is a magical place that is built to accommodate. The most important thing to remember is that if you are smaller or thinner than “average”, you can and should use skill to compensate. Women who complain that a man isn’t large enough aren’t bright enough to realize that this issue is not size but lack of skill. You can’t fix stupid, as they say but you can bring her to climax with some effort. The end game of every sexual encounter is satisfaction for both participants. If you need to add a hand, a tongue or an interesting position to bring your partner to the finish line then that’s what you should do.

2. Oral/Anal Sex Isn’t Really Sex

It’s in the title “oral sex” or “anal sex” yet still many people believe falsely that these acts are not considered sex. I could blame Bill Clinton but this fallacy has been around much longer than that. I’ve heard this one plenty, “I’m saving myself for marriage so I let him do me anally.” So, yeah you kept your hymen but virginity/chastity isn’t solely measured by a piece of membrane, if it were then homosexuals would all still be virgins and sodomy would have something to do with gardening. Some people claim that oral sex is the new kiss goodnight, if so please refrain from doing so on your front porch. If you have another person’s genitals in your mouth or squatting on your face – to provide them sexual release, it’s sex. Ok? I’m not going to get too deep into analingus but if you’re uncertain whether putting your tongue in a person’s anus is sex, call me. Just kidding, it’s sex too.


3. Sex Is Great Exercise

There are many claims all over the place about sex burning somewhere between 80 to a few hundred calories per hour. That sounds amazing, right? Yeah, it’s bunk for your average fornicator. Unless you’re crazy into acrobatics, I wouldn’t be wearing my Fitbit while banging anyone nor would I be quitting the gym. While I am certain this can be true for some, most of us aren’t measuring our sexual output in hours. Minutes, yes, hours not so much and if you’re a pillow princess not at all but lucky you! Everyone burns calories doing nothing but if you are looking to get in shape join a gym, go for a walk or do yoga. Keep sex sexy and don’t try to turn into something it’s not.


4. Having Sex with Someone Doesn’t Mean They Love You (or vice versa)

Sex does not equal love. Love is love and people who are in love have sex. but so do people who are “in like”, inebriated, insane, imbeciles, users, cheaters, liars, pick up artists, sluts, and a whole host of others who are just looking for a hook up. If sex is something you rate highly don’t just give it away to the first person who treats you nicely because they could just be looking for sex. Relationships are built slowly over time and love develops. Too many people devalue sex and use it as a commodity so if you don’t want to be used – make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page. You must communicate openly and never, ever make any assumptions with something that you value.



5. Your Body Must Be Flawless

Men are visual much more than women. So, the thing that you should absolutely be doing is GETTING NAKED in front of your man. Stop focusing on all your flaws real or imagined and try hard to remember one very important thing. The man you are hiding your body from wants to bang your brains out. That means he’s hot for you and your body. Nothing will get a man harder than seeing what you are covering up. So seriously…stop doing that!!! Show him the goods. Flaunt your body. Undress slowly. You can initiate sex by simply disrobing in front of him while staring into his eyes and smiling. Screw him with the lights on and stop telling him all the reasons you are not hot. It’s a turn off. Shut your mouth, peel off your clothes, walk over to him and kiss him. He’ll take it from there.

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