10 misconceptions people have about sex


6. She/he Wouldn’t Lie about Birth Control/STDs

I’m sure you would like to believe this one is true but people lie and they lie a lot about the dumbest stuff you can imagine. Have you ever seen an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury? There are simply way too many surprise pregnancies for every one of them to be because the birth control failed. We’ve also heard horror stories from friends or even news stories about people who deliberately passed on the clap, Chlamydia or worse. I don’t know for a fact that your Princess is the peach you want her to be or that your Prince is indeed charming. I just know that there is no reason to risk your future, your finances, your very life all to ride that sexy beast bareback. Protection is everyone’s responsibility. You don’t drive your car without insurance so don’t ride your date without a condom. Easy peasy.


7. Initiating Sex Makes Me A Slut

Yeah, so what? Your partner wants a slut, one who is into him and faithful. One of the biggest sex mistakes women make is they don’t initiate sex. They simply don’t initiate any action at all. Women will wait until he wants it and if he doesn’t want it when they do, they get upset. Unless you’re dating a psychic, he’s not a flipping mind reader. You need to be a less passive partner. Men like to know they are desired by you as much as you like knowing you’re wanted by them. Despite the bravado, which is often a front, men can be a bit insecure as well. Let them know you want to screw their brains out and it will make sex hotter for both of you.



8. Foreplay Is Overrated 

Foreplay is only overrated if you’re looking for a hump and dump, so if that’s you stop reading now. If you want your partner to climax with you, you’ll need to step up your foreplay game. Have you ever heard a woman say that she can’t cum unless (fill in the blank)? The blank is usually some variant of clitoral stimulation be it oral, vibration or fingering. There is a reason for that. The clitoris is the female equivalent of a penis and we need it to be erect to cum. A woman requires two things to achieve pleasure: a well lubricated vagina and an erect clit. A damp pus isn’t always going to be enough, so if you stop foreplay the minute you feel some wetness, it will take longer for a woman to orgasm – if at all. Even the Man of Steel may not be able to stay hard long enough to pull off that miracle. This is why foreplay is so important, it increases the likelihood that your woman will be howling at the moon, which is what you want, unless you’re a selfish jerk.


9. If A Woman Can’t Orgasm During Intercourse – There Is Something Wrong with Her

This is mostly a misconception because there is a small percentage of women (very small) incapable of orgasm in any way. Let me be frank here, it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. If penetration doesn’t get you off who cares? Those women without any underlying medical condition preventing it can orgasm in 4 different ways – if she has a good partner and a bit of patience or a halfway decent vibrator and 10-20 minutes to kill. Here are the 4 types of achievable orgasms.

Clitoral orgasmsthe clitoris has 8000 nerve endings so with the right amount of pressure and effort, you can blow your lid quickly just by stimulating that tiny little button (or in some cases a turkey neck).

Vaginal orgasms– some people believe in a G-spot other don’t. To achieve an orgasm this way takes longer, so the longer you are being penetrated and thrust into the more likely you will achieve the Big O. Making sure you are lubed up or wet enough is a must. Tilting your pelvis helps to reach the sweet spot. It’s trial and error but oh so worth it when you get there.

Blended orgasms– these occur when you are stimulating both the clit and the vagina. This is the MOST powerful orgasm and when you get one of these, you’ll likely not be able to walk right away from all that leg shaking.

Multiple orgasms– these happen one after the other quickly. Not everyone can withstand the constant stimulation but those who can…holy Moses!!!

10. There Is No Such Thing as Bad Sex

I’ve heard many men say that even bad sex is good sex because it’s better than no sex at all. I’m not so sure that’s true, if I had a choice between bad sex and a good night’s sleep – I’d sleep. Many things can make sex bad – a selfish partner, body odor, a 30 second jack rabbit, sloppy sex, retroactive withdrawal of consent (too drunk), dirty sheets, etc. Let’s just say that bad sex exists and I hope you don’t come across it too often!


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