The 10 Most Painful Looking Torture Devices

Let’s face it. Excruciatingly painful torture deviceshave been a brutal reality since the existence of man. Andmany torturers have used a disturbing sense of creativity whendesigningtheir torture tools as a way to inflict the most pain onto their victims.


Here are ten of the most painful looking torture devices:


1.The Head Crusher:

The head crusher was a torture device used in the early modern period, but mostly in Germany. This metal device consisted of a chin plate placed on a bottom bar and a metal head cap.


For this procedure, thevictim’s head was first placed under the cap. Then the torturer slowly twisted the handle so the gap between the head cap and plate decreased, which would crush the victim’s skull, shatter their teeth, crush their jaw, force their eyes to pop out their head, and ultimately induce death.


The head crusher was mostly used to obtain information from criminals.


2. The Rat

I don’t even like to look at pictures of rats, much less think about being tortured to death by one.


The technique of rat torture consisted of tying up the victim so they were not able to see a rat being placed on their stomach and covered by a metal container. Heat in the container was then raised so that the rat would have to burrow out.


However, the only way for the rat to get out was through the victim’s stomach!


It then traveled through the intestines in a desperate attempt to escape. Yikes!


3.The Rack

The rack wasa torture device, which consisted of a rectangular, mostly wooden frame, slightly raised from the ground, with one roller at one or both ends of the device.  


During the rack torture procedure, the victim was placed on the contraption, his ankles were tied to one roller and his wrists were fastened to the other roller above his head.


As the interrogation process progressed, the torturer would gradually tighten the tension, causing excruciating pain, broken limbs, and muscle fibers to stretch excessively. Eventually, the victim’s limbs were ripped from the victim’s body. The loud popping noises were absolutely gruesome.


Another powerful method of torturing prisoners was to actually force them to watch another prisoner being subjected to the rack.


4.The Crucifix

Crucifixion is a well-known execution method where the victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden beam and left to hang for several days. Death usually occurs from exhaustion and asphyxiation. Crucifixion is still occasionally used in some countries today.


The notorious crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the compelling story that still holds the crucifix as the main religious symbol for many Christian churches.


5. The Impalement Pole

Impalement was a method of execution and torture used in 15th century Romania, particularly by Vlad the Impaler.


In this torture session, the victim was basically forced to sit on a thick pole and when the pole was raised upright, the victim was left to slide down the pole with their own weight. It could take up to 3 days for the victim to die.


Impalement was often used in “crimes against the state” and was regarded as a very harsh form of capital punishment. It was also used during wartime to suppress rebellion and to punish traitors.


In addition, impalement was employed for a variety of cultural, sexual and religious reasons.

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