10 R-Rated History Facts You Weren’t Taught In School

1. Good Vibrations

For years medical science diagnosed horny women as ‘hysterical’. The treatment was for a doctor to use his fingers to masturbate the lady concerned to give her some relief (unthinkable that she should do it herself!). The problem was that a doctor with many women patients could eventually develop what would become known as carpel tunnel syndrome. To provide relief to the sawbones who was providing relief to the ladies, some genius invented the electric vibrator. It quickly became the bestselling household appliance.

2. Otto’s Farts

After the end of WWII the father of Anne Frank (pictured) edited and published the young girl’s diary of her family’s time hiding from the Nazis. The book became and remains an immense bestseller. Herr Frank ensured, however, that the published diary did not contain the long passages in which the pubescent Anne talk about her periods, her labia, and her growing feeling about boys. He also excised the many entries in which Anne recorded her father’s love of a good fart joke.

3. Ben’s ‘Bath’

Benjamin Franklin was undoubtedly a polymath. Inventor, philosopher, politician, postmaster, scientist, revolutionary, statesman, and diplomat. He also was a man of his time, and back in the eighteenth century, they had some strange ideas. Mr Franklin liked nothing better than to take an ‘air bath’. This consisted of stripping naked and sitting for hours in front of an open widow, letting the breeze play around his nether regions. Franklin believed that this was cleansing enough, and that he took fewer water baths as a result.

4. Johnson’s Johnson 

Lyndon Baines Johnson was fond of using his body to intimidate those who opposed or resisted him. Quite apart from ‘the treatment’ seen in the photo above being given by the president to Abe Fortas, it was quite common for LBJ to call aides in to talk to him while he was sitting on the toilet doing his business. Most famously, when incessantly pressed by journalists was to why he had sent US troops to Vietnam, the president of the United States whipped out his penis, which he had named ‘Jumbo’, and said, ‘This is why!’. Alpha male, anyone?

5. Wolfgang’s Obsession

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is arguably the greatest composer in history. His symphonies, operas, and masses are loved by millions and studied by all serious musicians. The genius had a lighter side, however. He composed several R Rated pieces about anallingus, the most beloved of which is called ‘Leck mich im Arsch’, which translates as ‘Lick my Ass’. Rarely see that one played by the New York Philharmonic.

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