10 signs your partner may be cheating on you

1. They start accusing you of cheating

This is one of the most obvious signs that your partner is cheating on you. It’s called projection and they do it to deflect blame and their own guilt. When someone accuses you of something you’re not actually guilty of you will respond with facts to prove them wrong. When you’re guilty, you flip the argument back to your accuser and that’s exactly what this accomplishes.

 2. They change all their passwords for “privacy”

Once upon a time your relationship was an open book. He knew everything about you and you him. Then one day one of you needs privacy. Now the phone is password protected, FB password is changed, email, etc. What once was available is now hidden and the reasons don’t make any sense. Secrets in a relationship destroy trust. Unless the secret is a birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s gift which is both short term and a good reason, secrets mean that cheating has begun or is on the verge of happening.


3. Starts dressing better and/or makes more of an effort with their appearance

When you first start dating you are on your best behavior and you always look your best. They don’t hear you fart and you laugh at every joke. It’s called “new love” and it lasts about 6 months – your significant other has no idea who the heck you are! Once you begin a committed relationship most people tend to relax their grooming a bit and be more themselves. They get comfortable, this isn’t a bad thing it’s natural. Which is why abruptly changing who they have really been with a new and improved version is a sign of cheating. We dress to impress at the start of a new love and if your S.O. is doing it after a long haul of being comfy, they may be trying to impress someone but it isn’t usually you, not anymore.



4. Comes home from work later than usual and showers immediately

Unless it’s always been their habit to work late and shower immediately after work, starting to do so after working “late” is a bad omen. That’s not work grime they’re cleansing, it’s at best someone’s perfume and at worst someone’s fluid.


 5. They spend a lot of time texting “work” or “nobody” and are happy about it.

If your partner comes home and seems much more interested in texting someone unimportant or even “work” than you, you might have a problem. Sure, it could legitimately be a work-related problem and if they’re not cheating, they will be happy to show you the messages and would likely offer them up. But if that isn’t the case, any questions, no matter how innocent, will trigger a very angry and possibly accusatory response in return. Keep your eyes open.

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