10 Things Every Real Man Should Be Able to Do (By a Woman)

Each person has a different idea of what a ‘real man’ is to them. Yet no matter if you prefer a cowboy, a soldier or a city boy in a suit there is still a general rule (even if unspoken) as to what a real man should be able to do. So here’s a list of what all real men should be able to do no matter their background, education or class.

1. Change a tire.

Yes, you should be able to change a tire. It’s not rocket science but it is very important. There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire, having no cell service and needing to rely on the kindness of strangers. It’s very important for all men to learn to change a car tire so that they can take care of themselves and their family members when stuck on the side of the road. Remember that there won’t always be another way get something like this done so you better learn to do it for yourself.

2. Keep a promise.

To keep a promise is a big deal especially to those you love. If you’re the sort of man who forgets to keep your word then you aren’t much a man. It’s a true display of good character to keep your word to other people. Most people won’t remember much about you but they will always remember what your word is worth so keep your promises gentlemen.

3. Always be kind.

Being kind to people and animals is so easy to do. It costs nothing but can be priceless to those you are kind to. There is nothing more attractive than a kind man. It shows that you’re not too big, too tough or too strong to be soft hearted and this too is a measure of one’s character that will mean the world to people.

4. Cook.

Take the time to learn to feed yourself and those you love. There will be somedays when your family needs you to be the one who makes a meal and that meal shouldn’t come from a delivery boy. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef but you do need to learn to do more than open a can of soup and put it in the microwave. Cooking for someone shows them how much you care about them and that is always a good thing.

5. Have Manners.

Being a gentleman and having manners goes a long way in this world. Saying “please” and “thank you” is just as important as holding open doors and removing your hat. Showing others that you have respect for them is another way to show off your good character and there is nothing wrong with being a man of good character in today’s world.

6. Learn to sacrifice.

In a perfect world we would all be able to have and do anything and everything that we want. Unfortunately we live in the real world and in this world most of us have to give up some of what we want so that others can have what they need. While it may be hard at first, the more you learn to put those you love and care for first the easier it will get and before you know it your sacrifices won’t be a big deal when you see the end result for those you love. The truth is your sacrifices will usually end up paying off so well that they won’t really be sacrifices at all.

7. Work.

We don’t care what kind of work you do or how much you earn from that work. What does matter is that you’re not a lazy bum. Even if you are a billionaire who never needs to earn another penny it matters not. You must work and show a good work ethic. Have a hobby if you don’t need to work. Do something with your time to show that you’re not a lazy moocher just looking for others to take care of you. Real men take care of themselves and don’t complain while they do it!

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