10 Things That Lead To A Sexless Marriage

1. One Note Casanova

Sex is one of those things that will never be equal between men and women. Women just need to show up, look good and be willing, men need to have skills. Unfair as it is, it’s true. I hear men say all the time that there is no such thing as bad sex because any sex is good sex and only no sex is bad. Women, on the other hand, would never utter such nonsense because unless that woman is a nun, she’s had bad sex…more than once. If your technique is lacking, chances are your sex life will diminish and rapidly.

2. Low Sex Drive (age problem/medical issues)

Getting older can suck for many reasons but a diminished sex drive takes top honors for me. I can muddle through arthritis, hearing loss and wrinkles but the idea of a sex drive in the tank because of a dried-up vagina or a limp rod really bums me out. There are other medical conditions that can kill sex in your marriage.

For women: Menopause/perimenopause, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), sexual pain disorders and orgasm disorders.

For men: Erectile Dysfunction, hormone imbalance, HIV, diabetes and some systemic illnesses.


3. Partner Neglect

If you’re too busy doing things that are important to only you rather than spending quality time with your spouse, your relationship will pay the price. Intimacy requires contact and it’s more than just grunting through a meal and reading a book/computer/phone screen near your partner. You must communicate, interact and spend some time together. Quality trumps quantity in relationships so make sure you are giving each other what you need because of you don’t…dry sheets. Partner neglect can also lead to our very next thing that causes a sexless marriage.


4. Infidelity

This doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out, right? When a spouse is getting sexually fulfilled outside the marriage they don’t seek sex at the same rate as before. Cheaters have a habit of treating their spouse badly by starting fights, gaslighting them, making them feel bad about themselves. Sure, there are moments of guilt filled with flowers and gifts but those are occasional. Conversely, if you’re being cheated on you really don’t want to have sex with the person who’s cheating on you and this may surprise the cheaters out there but people who are being cheated on…know it.


5. Unresolved Anger

Fighting with your spouse is bad not resolving the issue or having closure and forgiveness is worse. Unresolved issues lead to a lot of pettiness and that makes for nights with extra sleep. I don’t know about you but when I’m angry at my man it can make things so dry in my sexy place that I squeak when I walk. There’s no sex happening when issues linger, it kills desire and if they never get addressed…it kills the marriage.


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