11 Of The Weirdest Deaths Ever Recorded By Medical Examiners

11. By cow.

João Maria de Souza of Brazil was killed in 2013 when a cow fell through the roof of his house onto his bed. The cow had managed to get up there while wandering from a nearby hill. His wife, lying beside him — and the cow — were unharmed.

10. By cat bowl.

Peter John Robinson left this earth in 2001, lying face down in his cat’s water bowl. The New Zealand man had drowned after slipping on ice and falling in the most unfortunate of configurations. As a cat lover, this will probably be my fate, too.

9. By chainsaw.

“There’s nothing weird about being killed by a chainsaw,” you say, and you’re almost right, except in the case of 50-year-old Englishman David Phyall. You see, he decapitated himself with one in 2008. On purpose. To protest the repossession of the building in which he lived.

8. By not being dead.

Poor Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov had the fright of her life in 2011 when she woke up in a coffin, at her own funeral, surrounded by mourners. The 49-year-old Russian woman had been declared dead of a heart attack. She then died permanently of a heart attack from the shock.

7. By cockfight.

Californian and cockfight aficionado Jose Luis Ochoa died in 2011 after one of the birds, outfitted with its own knife, sliced his calf, fatally wounding him. He did not present for treatment until two hours after the incident, presumably because he already had a record for participating in cockfights.

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