15 Billboards That Will Get Your Attention

Some people call them an eyesore…pollution to lovers of nature and then some. Other call it the best way to advertise to people who are on the move. However, the roots of this kind of advertising is as old as time itself. It been said that the roots of outdoor advertising go far as back as ancient Egypt. The modern billboard as we know it today began in the 1930’s. While most outdoor advertising in recent years has been a take or leave it there has been recent outdoor ads that truly are attention getting and noticeable and at first glance might fool with your mind. Do they get you to buy their product? The sponsors sure hope you do…but if you don’t more often than not you will notice hands down. There are many Billboards that were posted recently that were eye popping if not eye candy…but here is the list of at least 15 that caught my eye.

1. Miele vacuum cleaner

This was placed in a well-known tunnel in the country of Slovakia. Your first impression is that these cars are getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Kind of scary, but there is no turning back when your on a divided highway. Just enjoy the trip and know its done there is light at the end of the tunnel…looks like you did not get sucked in after all. Mayer McCann Erickson advertising was very clever in selling Miele’s S8 Vacuum.

Brief You Tube Video of the highway vacuum billboard tunnel ad.



2. The Economist – Light Bulb

The UK adverting firm Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO came up with a simple ad to promote The Economist publication. Red background, a big light bulb and the title of the publication on the bottom right. Oh, I forgot about the motion sensors. When someone walks under the blub it lights up. See you really do see light bulbs light up in the real…not just on cartoon shows and/or sketches.

3. Bleeding billboard

You have heard the saying; “When It Rains, It Pours.” Well ColensoBBDO in New Zealand took the ideal to a new level as well as an awareness level when they were approached by the governing bodies of South Auckland to encourage drivers to slow down in server weather. When this billboard is dry you see a picture of a young boy. When the billboard gets wet particularly by rain, red streaks depicting blood appear hopefully reminding drivers of what can happen to themselves, other drivers and/or families on the roads if they choose to take the conditions lightly. They really want make the statement “When It Rains, It Does NOT need to Bleed human blood.” Nothing to sell but the safety of the drivers and their passengers.


4. Colorado State Patrol

Another awareness ad, this one is in Colorado. Amélie Company came up with this ad for the Colorado State Patrol. Not only is the car and semi wrecked…so is the billboard. Hopefully people will see this quick enough, refocus on the road and use the 2 second rule to keep a good distance between themselves and the Semi Trucks keeping the business and commerce rolling.

5. Smart: Little billboard

For all those people who think Billboards are an eye sore, Smart Car and BBDO in Canada have come up with a Billboard campaign that is simple. Make them small and place them in various locations around Toronto, ON and promote the environmentally friendly car. Other companies should take note of this kind of Billboard.

6. Invisible

This could be an ad in which The Australian Childhood Foundation along with advertising firm JWT in which they would want someone to rip the ad apart. Should that be done, the person or persons who did that will discover that the child is just a mannequin but tells the vandal/vandals in good faith; “Thanks for Seeing Me.” Great way to use the advertising poster walls in 2010. Now you need to see the real neglected children which not plastered behind a poster or a high-rise billboard.


7. The Day After Tomorrow

One can hope that billboards as well as the whole world is not submerged in water like this billboard by design. This billboard was erected in the sea near the city of Mumbai in 2004 by India based advertising agency Contract.


8. Nike: Run

I take it that someone at Nike or whoever does their advertising must be fans of the classic Road Runner/Wild E. Coyote cartoon shorts. If your typical runner does not get the drift they are about to get smacked by the wall in front of them. But hey if Wild E. Coyote keeps trying to capture his meal (in spite of getting chewed out by Harry Anderson on an episode of “Night Court”), then Nike customers and hopefully future Nike customers will just keep running after they get a dose of reality…hopefully BEFORE.

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