15 Billboards That Will Get Your Attention


9. Kill Bill

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand created this ad for a busy Auckland intersection. You have a picture of Uma Thurman, her sword and blood (hopefully fake) all over the ad and splatters into the wall, sidewalk, street and a nearby car with a grey one as well.


10. Wrench billboard

The pole that holds the billboard up becomes the body of the wrench, and to add to that lets add fist holding the wrench as well. Complements from Y&R ad agency out of Chicago. This was featured in 2011.


11. YMCA: Basketball Billboard

This Billboard was conceived by TBWA Vancouver, Canada. To play basketball with this hope you would really need to jump and have good aim. Forget about doing any slam dunks unless you’re a Power Ranger/Super Sentai monster rival who just grown to giant size.

12. Belt Up

We learned a lot from Crash Test Dummies Vince & Larry (voiced by Jack Burns & Lorenzo Music respectfully) over the years about using the seat belts in your car, but for those who failed to get the message from those guys, this ad shows that while you might be in the back seat, no safety belt is like putting yourself in a giant sling…and it’s only a matter of time till its released and you’re going to take off like a Funny car on a drag strip. Maybe we should say; “You Can Learn a Lot from a Giant Sling, Buckle Your Safety Belt.”


13. Fake Paint Brand (Nationwide Insurance)

There is no such thing as Coops Paints, but TM Advertising took hints from the early Energizer Pink Bunny ads (making its way into other commercials that are fake products anyway) and applied it to the real world of Columbus, Ohio, Headquarters of Nationwide Insurance company in the year 2007. One of giant Coop Paint cans made a mess of the parking lot covering up three vehicles and even a toll booth in the lot in green paint. The final panel is the payoff that hopefully will sign up new customers for insurance from Nationwide.

14. Anando Milk: Building

At first glance, you might mistake this high-rise building being moved out of place and endangering people but some guy pushing part of it away. If your able to zoom in closely you will notice that the guy is just child who has some super hero abilities. Anando Milk in India thought this ad would increase milk consumption among children and make milk just as hip as energy drinks and fruit juices and then some. Kids you’re not going to be Superman or The Flash anytime soon, but you drink your milk and stay active you might attract the attention of some woman looking for a hunk…or not.

15. Hot Wheels Curve

Ad Agency Ogilvy in Bogota, Colombia put this eye tricking loop on a cross bridge. Up close and personal the loop is flat and not putting any drivers on the bridge in any danger. Just a another way to sell Mattel’s long running popular hip cars toys which gave Matchbox a run for the money…but now those respected toy cars are now owned by Mattel as well..

There are so many attention getting billboards that I could showcase but the ones I showcased are among my favorites. This article hopefully gets a sequel somewhere down the road on Grumpy Sloth.

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