15 Shocking Statistics You’ll Wish Were Made Up

  1. Blind people suffer more nightmares than sighted people. A 2014 Danish study revealed that a quarter of the dreams of blind people are nightmares, where only 6% of dreams of sighted people are nightmares. Researchers say nightmares are are linked to real life threats and those who cannot see are subjected to more dangerous situations on a daily basis.

      2. Half of the world population lives in crushing poverty. Billions of people live on less than $2.50 per day, with               45% of them living on $1.25 per day.

      3. Fifty percent of the United States population believes in ghosts. About a quarter of them believe in witches and            another quarter believe that reincarnation actually happens.

4. Americans toss over 4 pounds of garbage every day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The entire population churns out 1.4 billion pounds of junk every day. 

5. The World Resources Institute reckons that 100 plant and animal species die every day.

6. Facebook is rapidly becoming a digital graveyard. Over 30 million profiles of dead people are lurking round the social media site. 

7. Over 2 million people are in prison and jail in the United States, or about 1 in 10 people.

8. Half a million American citizens were homeless in 2016, the last year data was available.

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