15 Of The Most Time-Wasting College Classes Ever Conceived

College is supposed to be a place of higher education where people go to learn all of the skills necessary to excel in the occupation of their choice.

And then there are classes like this, which I’m 90% sure only exist as a way to give people a boost in their GPA.

1. “On Being Bored” by Brown University

“This course explores texts/films that represent and formally express states of non-productivity or non-desire.”If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot in this class before it is full, you’ll be able to learn about the fine art of being bored, and people who were bored at different points in history. Fascinating, no?


2. “Tree Climbing” by Cornell University

Cornell Outdoor Education’s Tree Climbing course will teach you how to get up into the canopy of any tree, to move around, even to climb from one tree to another without touching the ground.

Have you ever wanted to pay $64K a year to learn important life-skills like tree climbing? Then Cornell University is the place for you. We all know how traumatizing it is to not even be able to reach the first branch of a tree that you just HAVE to scale, so there is now a class for that! Enjoy!


3. Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles” by University of Wisconsin

Analysis of the themes and characters that populate television’s daytime serials and investigation of what impact these portrayals have on women’s and men’s roles in the family and in the work place.

Yes, you heard that correctly. They are studying soap-operas and the “impact” they have on the real world. I’ve never been more concerned for the future generation.


4. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing” by Alfred University

This class will explore the history of maple syrup production, discover the ins and outs of making syrup, create (and eat) some sweet confections, and take field trips to local producers, restaurants and festivals.

I’m pretty sure the entire country of Canada chose this class.


5. Stupidity” by Occidental College

“Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence rather than its opposite.

If those words don’t make you want to learn more about the life and times of stupid people, I don’t know what will. While this college is no longer offered at the college, the internet remembers everything, no matter how stupid.


6. The Road Movie” by Bernard College

The Road Movie, students analyze and discuss the phenomena of the road trip.”

Who doesn’t want to take a class where all you do is watch movies and talk about everyone’s favorite way to vacation: The road trip? The hardest thing about this class would be deciding which pair of pajamas to wear that day.


7. How Does it Feel to Dance?” by Oberlin College

This course is a guided exploration of the social and cultural phenomenon of dancing. We will dance in various contexts, exploring both structured and improvised approaches to moving to music.

Have you ever wanted to dance, while watching videos about dancing, while analyzing the philosophical and cultural implications of dance? Well boy howdy is this the class for you! Unless you have two left feet. Then perhaps you’d be better suiting for #6.

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