The 20 best memes about dating

After a while, single folks get to the point where arranged marriages or the convent seem like more valid options than going on one more stupid, meaningless date with someone two tacos short of a combo plate.

Just when you’re ready to give up, meme makers of the world are here to, well….Okay, so these twenty dating memes are not going to encourage you to get back on the horse. If anything, they may make you delete your Tinder and set your laptop on fire. But, failing that, grab a glass of wine, a box of doughnuts, and have a chuckle.

20. At first, he seems like this.

19. Or she tells you the following:

18. But then she says…

17. And he pipes up with…

16. And you run into this a lot.

15. Or someone who attaches WAY too fast.

14. Or not at all.

13. This is the worst.

12. Grammar counts.

11. Oh, no. Don’t be this person.

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