The 20 Funniest Distracted Boyfriend Memes

You are probably already sick of the pic with the guy looking away from his girlfriend at another woman, but some people have been rather clever with it. Before you become oversaturated, we thought we’d share the funniest Distracted Boyfriend memes with you.

We’ll go from obvious and cute to next level…until the next easily photoshopped stock photo comes along.

20. Dogs are just better.

19. This is basically what you’re doing right now.

18. Too soon?

17. If works in progress could slap us, we’d all be bruised.

16. But really, don’t both genres lose in this scenario?

15. #Fact.

14. Guilty.

13. Hello, karaoke bar.

12. Also guilty.

11. In this scenario, the girl in the red dress is also illegal, y’all.

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