20 Great Tips That Will Improve Your Productivity

We only have 24 in each day. Many of us want to make the most of our time and be as productive as we can possibly be. Being more productive really isn’t that difficult if we know the valuable keys to time management.

So, here are 20 tips that will help improve your productivity:


1.Write out a to-do list each day. It helps to plan the night before so you can hit the ground running as soon as you wake up in the morning.


2.Clean up your messes.Incomplete projects and piles of messes can weigh you down and take away from the energy you have to move forward with your goals. So, be sure to de-clutter your workspace to reduce stress and to help keep your mind focused on the job.


3.Eliminate all the distractions. This includes the phone, email notifications, and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop.


4.Complete the task you dread most first thing in the morning. Whatever task you dread doing most, go ahead and tackle it first so you get it out of the way for the day.


5 Optimize your prime time.Everybody has a certain time of daythey are more productive than others.Adjust your work schedule so that you are optimizing your prime time for high productivity levels.


6.Learn to say “No”.  Learn how to say “no” to wasteful time killers that are keeping you from being more productive.


7. Wake up early. Be the first one up in the morning so you can start tackling your tasks while your home is still quiet.


8.Prioritize your tasks ahead of time. By listing your tasks in order of importance, you can make sure that you finish all of your most important tasks during the day.


9. Allocate a small period of time to tackle an unpleasant task. Allocate 30 minutes per day to tackling that daunting task until it’s finished.


10. Reward yourself.Be sure to reward yourself when you finish a huge task.

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