20 Hilarious Classified ads

If you want to buy or sell something quickly then the local newspaper’s classified ad section is the way to go. You can find anything from appliances to animals for sale, trade and/or barter. It turns out you can also get yourself some free entertainment if you look close enough.


1. Did she place this under the animal section?



2. Sounds like he’s willing to haggle.


3. Congrats on the full recovery Homer.

4. Right or Left? We need details to know if it’s the correct one.



5. Huh….I got nothin’.


6. Must have a criminal record? Okay then.

7. So the rumors of their breakup are true?


8. Murder for hire is legal in certain situations.


9. Clever indeed.


10. Only 2 packages? Ask for more, it’s less suspicious that way.

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