21 Genius Life Hacks That Were Discovered By Lazy People

Laziness is really just a synonym for thoughtfulness, right? You have a lot on your mind, and no time for wasteful nonsense like decision making and basic chores any adult can master. It’s why Einstein had multiple versions of the same outfit — genius.

Below are twenty-one life hacks created by the Einsteins of idleness on Reddit, Whisper, and the internet at large. Utilize them the next time you’re so beset with sloth that you literally cannot even.

21. Hang up clothes in the bathroom while you take a scalding hot shower to release wrinkles.

20. Well, they ARE self cleaning.

19. Great for the office.

18. Heck yeah! Work that fake mole!

17. Only for people who will eat a literal whole bag of cookies.

16. Entertaining in a hurry.

15. Sock, Swiffer…same diff.

14. Finally, that lazy baby you made has a use!

13. Beats having to microwave a heating pad!

12. Beats having to microwave…oh, come on. This might be TOO lazy.

11. Never clean a child’s sticky fingers again (well, because of popsicles, anyway).

10. Inspired.

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