24 Hilarious Grocery Store Signs

In retail it’s important to have concise signage that helps customers find what they are looking for as well as the price they will be paying. Signs provide direction, information and pricing so that store employees aren’t spending their entire day answering the same questions over and over again. Fortunately, those same informational signs can provide humor either accidently or on purpose. That brings us to these signs which for whatever reason are simply hilarious.

1. And in the land of two extra days per week….


2. Placement is everything.


3. Are you sure?


4. You’d think that magic apples that look like oranges would cost more.


5. Stay in school boys and girls.


6. Could be worse. It could say “Monkey Food”.


7. 10 bucks? Must come from top quality asses.


8. They actually made this sign? Extraordinary!


9. Love this sort of humor.


10. Why doesn’t my store have this aisle?


11. Whatever it takes.

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