25 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies, But Are Actually True

1. The Earth has more trees on it than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

2. A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus.

3. There are more possible layouts for a deck of 52 cards than there are atoms on the Earth.

4. There is a small parasite that infects roughly 40% of humans that makes them more prone to taking risks.

5. Orcas are a natural predator to moose.

6. Bangladesh has a bigger population than Russia,

7. Silly putty will shatter like glass if you drop it from high enough.

8. There was a chicken that lived without a head for two entire years.

9. If you take every planet in our solar system and line them up right next to each other, they would fit in the space between the Earth and our moon.

10. Turkeys can impregnate themselves by a process known as Parthenogenesis

11. The Unicorn is the official animal of Scotland.

12. A jury can legally decide that the law is against someone, and choose not to find them guilty, even if the law says that they are. The process is known as jury nullification.

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