25 freaking amazing prom fail photos

13. When a city boy plays redneck on Prom night?


14. When Patriotism meets homemade.


15. More homemade glory for the memory book.

16. It’s like a ‘glamor shot’ for their accessories!


17. Because kitties want to go to Prom too.

18. Guess who’s going to grow up to be a helicopter parent?



19. Make sure you get those bystanders in the background….nice!

20. Just do it?



21. Oh, a double dose of their interesting style.


22. When you get to take that special photo with your dad before Prom.


23. Werk boots?


24. Daddy promised his little girl a Prom date.

25. The 80’s where the guys had as much mousse in their hair as the girls.


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