25 Yard Signs That Will Make You Pull Over Your Car To Have a Laugh

Humor is everywhere if you just look for it. One way people express their sense of humor is with yard signs. Sometimes they are trying to get your attention, sell something or communicate with certain folks in a way they will pay attention. Whatever the reason for these signs they are too good not to share. Good thing that laughter is good for the soul.

1. Looks like mom was out voted.


2. “Crap” the universal word for stuff. Usually useless stuff.



3. I remember when neighbors used to talk over the fence.



4. A diagram as to why the neighbors need to be more considerate. Well done!



5. Sounds like the makings of a country song.



6. Probably not going to get many offers if that’s the main selling feature.



7. I like the commitment here.



8. Has a “Sorry, not sorry” feel to it.


9. Is he for sale also?



10. Happens so often they made a sign?



11. All the time, effort and money for a professional sign and no apostrophe?



12. Playing chess via yard signs? Impressive.


13. Not enough room to put “come buy your stuff back”?

14. Voting “none of the above” perhaps?

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