5 Ways to Forfeit Your Man Card

4) Being whipped

Know the saddest thing about guys that are really whipped? It’s not that they blow off their friends to run to their women. It’s not that other guys laugh at them behind their backs. It’s not even that they sometimes go to humiliating and demeaning lengths to make women happy. (If we’re being honest, most men have done that at some point in their lives.) It’s that they put their manhood on a back shelf to please women and not only do they secretly resent having to do it, but ultimately, the women never seem to appreciate it very much anyway.

That’s the funny thing about women. They’re always trying to tame men and then the moment they pull it off, they get bored with the wolf they managed to carefully craft into a poodle.

5) Refusing to stand up when the situation calls for it

There’s a 30-year-old Kenny Rogers song called Coward Of The County that ends with the epic line, “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man.”

By the way, you do.

It’s like Jonah Goldberg once said,

Just to clarify: If you go into every situation saying there’s absolutely nothing worth fighting over, you will inevitably end up on a cot sleeping next to a guy named Tiny, bringing him breakfast in his cell every morning, and spending your afternoons ironing his boxers. Or, in the case of the French, you might spend your afternoon rounding up Jews to send to Germany, but you get the point.

It’s a good idea to avoid trouble and stay out of other people’s problems if possible, but if you’re a man, there will come a time when the situation demands that you stand up for yourself or for someone else. When it does, you either do it or you lay your man card on the table and walk away.

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