The 5 worst ways to screw up your life on the Internet

There’s no doubt about it. The Internet is one of the most amazing communication tools ever created in the history of mankind, and it has revolutionized how we share information, how we learn, how we consume media, learn new things, and even where we work.

However, as awesome as the Internet is, if you abuse the platform it provides you, particularly on social media, or get careless with your usage of this tool, it will come back to haunt you in the worst way imaginable. It can even screw up your life.

Allow me to give you a few examples of what NOT to do on the world wide web.

1 . Sending nude pictures to your significant other

How many times have we seen stories in the news about celebrities who have snapped a few naughty pics to “sext” with their significant others and end up getting hacked with photos of their private bits splattered all over the place for the world to see?

Granted, when this happens to a celebrity, though embarrassing, it usually boosts their publicity a bit and widens their social influence, enabling them to get more work.

However, you’re an average Joe, so that’s probably not what’s going to happen to you if nudey pictures you took in your attempt to get saucy are passed around the digital neighborhood to all your friends and family. No, what’s more likely to happen is your employer is going to save the photos for a good laugh and then hand you a pink slip.

This, of course, isn’t including all the jokes that will be made about you by your “friends,” and how many folks you were close to suddenly disappear, feeling a little embarrassed to be associated with such a miscreant.

2. Bad mouthing your employer on social media

One of the biggest problems with social media is that it’s created a culture where everyone feels the need to vent all of their thoughts, feelings, political views, and what they’re feeding their cat for dinner.

Back in the day, when you wanted to complain about how much you hated your job or how big of a jerk your boss was, you had to actually seek out friends to have person-to-person encounters with, and most of the time the venting sessions were kept discreet and private, only between you and your closest buds.

That has now been replaced by stupidly going on Facebook or Twitter and sharing how much you hate the supervisor’s toupee and polkadotted bow tie with the whole world, often forgetting that the very individual you’re putting on blast will eventually see what you’ve said and give you a free ticket to the unemployment line.

Look, everybody at some point in their lives hates their job and thinks their boss sucks, but contrary to what modern culture might tell you, the whole world doesn’t need to hear about it. Keep it to yourself.

Not only could being foolish like this cost you your job, but since companies these days check social media stuff before hiring you, it may prevent you from getting hired too.

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