The 6 Most Obnoxious Reality Shows of All-Time

There were generally two types of reality shows: those where people compete for something (either love or money or both), and those where people are followed in their daily lives to give a glimpse of the ‘real person’ who usually turns out to be garbage.

Here are the six most obnoxious reality shows of all time.



1. Joe Millionaire

The idea was that bachelor Evan Marriott had inherited millions and is searching for love. He takes a group of potential soulmates on dates to exotic locations, discarding women until only one remains. The gotcha is that Evan Marriott isn’t really a millionaire at all – he’s an ordinary working stiff making a living as a construction worker. He reveals the truth to the remaining woman. If she decides to stay, the couple is surprised with a check for a million bucks. Marriott revealed the truth to Zora Andrich and she decided to stay. The split $1 million, and then promptly broke up. The gross premise was worsened by utterly charmless Marriott and Andrich. The show didn’t last and now it’s a footnote in the annals of tv history.



2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

What could be more fun than a precocious and pudgy 6-year old girl being whored out to the pageant circuit by her obese mother? About a million things, but for some reason, this was a reasonably popular program that ran five agonizingly long seasons. Some watched it because it was a spectacle of crazy that was addictive. Others – maybe most people – watched it because it gave them permission to laugh at rednecks and fat people. They’re disgusting – farting, eating with their mouths open, letting the family pig crap on the dining table – that everyone in America can think at least I’m not that bad. When it ended, anyone with a conscience breathed a sigh of relief.



3. A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

Tila Taquila is the world’s trashiest tv personality – and I don’t even think she’d be mad to hear me say it. She relishes controversy, like her support for Hitler, her obviously fake pregnancy announcements and her utterly bonkers dating life. In 2007, she appeared in MTV’s A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila. The premise was that she would pick ‘a shot at love’ from 16 men and 16 women, but they wouldn’t know she was bisexual until the end of the first episode. It ended with her choosing someone dude and then promptly never speaking to him again. In the second and last episode, she picked a woman who declined the ‘shot at love.’

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