The 7 Best Anime Movies of All-Time

Anime Movies are not for everyone. However, for those that give them a chance and like to delve into other worlds, with cool superpowers, fighting skills, loves stories with a great storyline and even better hair days….they are pretty enjoyable. For some even addicting, which is not so good…but just goes to show there is something about anime movies that draws on the imagination of dreamers.

They can be whimsical, dark, bright, and downright badass…it all depends on what your preference is. Here are 7 of the very best anime movies of all-time…

There are many others, but we only had 7 spots to fill on this one…so bare with us. If you don’t see your favorite one on the list please be sure to share them with us in the comment section!

1. Spirited Away

An absolute FAVORITE of many, and for many others their FIRST look into the world of anime movies. A 10-year old girl having to face the stresses that come with moving into a new neighborhood is exploring her new area and accidentally finds a path into the spirit world. That’s when things start to get very bizarre for her…and the adventure begins!

2. Ghost in the Shell

This one follows the life of cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi, who is a federal agent. She is assigned to hunt down “The Puppet Master” whose crime is illegally hacking into computerized minds of cyborg-human hybrids like herself. Her chase leads her to pondering and then questioning the makeup of her own life and what it would like to have more human traits. She finally has “The Puppet Master” right where she wants him…but her path of curiosity takes her down an unforeseen direction and everything changes.

3. Wolf Children

The plot of this anime is of a college student named Hana. She falls in love with a werewolf while there and with him has two half-wolf children. Their first is a daughter they name Yuki, and then just a year younger is their son Ame. Sadly, soon after Ame’s birth their father and the love of Hana’s life is killed in an accident while he’s hunting food in the woodS for the children. This is when Hana’s entire life changes. She is not a single Mother with two children who have no control over their constant switching between human form and wolf form. Because of this Hana is forced to hide them from the eyes of the world. After a social worker comes to their house over some concerns that they have not had their vaccinations Hana takes the kids and runs to the countryside with them. There she repairs an old home and learns to live off the land to keep her children safe. Then years later, her son approaches her asking for a chance to go to school with regular children. This is when the adventures begin…

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