The 7 Biggest Things Romantic Movies Get Wrong

1. Happily, Ever After

You will be happy but you will also have times when you are not happy. Romantic movies often make it seem as though once you’re in love everything is just peachy but it isn’t because life continues to happen. These romantic movies give us an unhealthy and unrealistic view of what relationships are and it can cause problems for people when they don’t understand why it’s not like that for them.

2. Stalking is romantic.

She’s dumped you but you love her and won’t let her go so you chase her to the airport or you follow her around leaving presents and flowers…she will love you! No, psycho, she will not love you she will call the police and get a restraining order. Stalking is not sweet and romantic – it’s flipping scary! And the women stalk in these movies as well and it isn’t cute like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping, reality is more like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

3. Soulmates

Romantic movies have people convinced that there is just that one person out there. This is such utter bunk. In this whole wide world only one special person for us and lucky for most of us they happen to not only live in our country but our state and likely our city as well…well that’s amazing. How did our parents know that when they settled down to have kids, eh? My paremts move here from Poland – if my one true love was there, I would have been pissed! There is no just one person, if that were the case then the divorces rates wouldn’t be a staggering 53% here in the states and higher in Europe and Asia.

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