7 Dating Red Flags

Dating in modern times has become a bit of a crapshoot. Between dating apps, hookup culture and changing sensibilities about gender roles the whole process can be a bit confusing. It can be hard to know if that first date is “The One” or “RUN!!!!!”. Fortunately there are some red flags that are pretty much universal. Here are seven.

1.They talk about their ex too much.

Answering a curious question about past relationships is one thing, but if there is one ex that just keeps coming up in the conversation time after time it’s a pretty good sign that person still hasn’t moved on…so you should.

2.They talk about your future together right away.

If your date starts talking kids and a white picket fence an hour in it’s probably a good idea to cut things short. It smacks of desperation and makes you just some stepping stone to their ultimate goals rather than someone they are truly interested in.

3.They show up to your date drunk.

It’s pretty crappy to show up to anywhere drunk, but on a first date it’s downright rude. Stay for this date and you’ll end up talking more to the booze than the babe.

4.They’re late with no advance notice.

Things happen and everyone is late from time to time. If your date doesn’t alert you to the delay and then brushes off their lateness once they do show, don’t ignore that red flag. This person doesn’t value your time. It’s a good bet there’s a lot more about you they won’t value in the future.

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