The 7 Different Types Of Guys You’ll Meet When Online Dating

 Online dating is the refuge of the too busy to troll bars crowd. How do you find someone to date or have relationship when you are working 50 + hours a week or you’re a single working mom or freshly divorced? Many offices frown on dating co-workers, not that it doesn’t happen but still. Due to the fast-paced nature of our lives online dating has become thee place to go when looking for companionship, love or in some cases just sex. Because of that women are bound to run into just as many if not more obstacles on the internet as they would find trolling the local club.  


1. Still Married or Committed.

These are the guys that are either looking for an affair or just want to see what’s available if he decides to leave his current relationship for real. He’s not looking for a relationship, but he will convince you he is because he wants to keep you available.


2. Too busy to date.

He seems like a dream but he’s completely unavailable. He wants sex, he’s convinced himself he wants a relationship, so he plays the perfect boyfriend online, but he won’t make time for building anything with you. You might be the arm candy at an office function, but you’ll be little more than a dressy booty call and he will always take phone calls while he’s with you. Do you really want a relationship with a guy who is married to his job? Most women would say no but if you are a woman who is married to your job – this may be the perfect guy for you. 

3. Still in love with his ex.

I dated this guy, I think every woman has at least once. This guy is the greatest guy ever, he did everything for his ex and she treated him horribly. He’s like a Prince Charming but he can’t seem to stop talking about his ex and he will even occasionally compare you to her. (Hint: you will be found wanting) The thing is that you can never really be happy with someone who loves someone else or at the very least isn’t over it yet. Do not get deep with someone who spends more time discussing other women than he does anything else. Women fall for this crap a lot – “oh, I’ll save him” and etc., no you won’t what you will do is fall for someone who is going to treat you poorly and dump you. Walk away – this is your only warning!!!

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