7 Famous People You Wouldn’t Expect Who Posed For Playboy

“Playboy” founder and controversial character Hugh Hefner recently passed, and with him a legacy many will miss. It was in fact a prestigious career move for many an actress (and actor!) to grace the cover of the famous magazine. It was even considered an honor to be chosen for a (tasteful) nude centerfold.

Here are a seven celebs you may not associate at all with “Playboy,” but thanks to Marie Claire’s photo retrospective, we can share the most unexpected with you.

7. Vanna White

I’d like to buy a towel, Pat. This may be shocking to Wheel of Fortune fans today, but to those of us who were around in May of 1987, this was news. The statuesque blonde letter turner got men to turn pages back in the day.

6. Goldie Hawn

Speaking of back in the day, the woman most of you know as Kate Hudson’s mom was a button-nosed sex symbol. From her work in the late ‘60s on the comedy variety show Laugh-In to beyond January of 1985 when this cover appeared in news stands, she was THE cutest babe for so many men.

5. Lisa Rinna

You may only know her now as one of the many shrill, cocktail-saturated harpies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But before reality TV, there was scripted TV. Rinna made her name on the wildly popular soaps Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place. She was pregnant and working on the latter when this September 1998 cover came out.

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