7 Female Hints Guys Don’t Get

1.”I feel so gross/ugly/fat right now.”

This is not a statement. This is a question. Do you think I’m gross/ugly/fat right now? You might feel this is manipulation but we gals need reassurance sometimes. Hint: if you want to diffuse the situation just tell her she looks amazing and you’re lucky to have her. Problem solved, move on with the day.

2.The silent treatment

Yeah, you get she’s mad. That’s a no-brainer. What you’re not getting is that she’s expecting you to figure out why…by asking. And then when she says nothing, ask again. You didn’t think she’d make it easy on you, did you?

3.”I’m just really tired.”

Every once in a while she might be genuinely tired, but a lot of times this hint really means that she’s just not into whatever it is you want to be doing at that moment. If you’re asking her to go with you to your best buddy’s for beer pong and she says, “I’m just really tired”, she’s really saying “That doesn’t sound fun at all.” Go without her or offer her a different plan. You can probably never go wrong with telling her you’d be down for a little quality time with her.

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