The 7 Most Horrifying Booby Traps in the History of War


7. Punji Sticks


   These sharp wooden stakes have been used in traps for millennia, but it was during the Vietnam War where they really gained infamy. They could be put at the bottom of hidden pits and shallow rivers or attached to “whip traps” that were triggered by trip wire.

The Viet Cong would smear animal and human dung on these sticks so even if the wound didn’t kill, the resulting infection just might. Cruel indeed.


6. Snake Pits


   Another trip using hidden pits was the snake trap. Imagine an unsuspecting soldier walking through the jungle, falling into a hidden pit filled with venomous snakes. Indian Jones’ worst nightmare come to life.

   If you had no anti-venom nearby, you were likely a goner. These weren’t your friendly neighborhood pet store snakes.


5. Flag Bombs


   Used in the Vietnam War up to present day is the flag bomb. The concept of this trap is simple, but effective. A bomb would be and hidden at the bottom of the flag pole and attached to a line. When the enemy force came to lower your flag and put up their own they would pull to lower the flag and trigger the trap.

   Just when you thought the battle was over and you could fly your flag high in victory, there’s a chance you could still be blown to bits. You’ll think twice before heading to the flag pole next time. 

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