7 Reasons ‘Nice Guys’ Don’t Get The Girl

We hear it all the time…why are women so mean? They(women) always say they just want a nice guy but they never actually choose one. Poor, poor nice guy always left holding the bag. It’s certainly true that some women like a “bad boy” but that isn’t true for most women. If that’s the case, then why are we always hearing about the poor beleaguered “nice guy”? Because a lot of men mistakenly think they’re just nice guys who aren’t getting the hot chick and they complain about it. So, I am going to lay it out for you – here are seven reasons why “nice guys” don’t get the girl.


1. Not So Nice Guys

I mentioned it in my opening, a lot of men think they are a nice guy but they aren’t. This classy fellow is the guy who asks out women way above his “weight class” in looks and personality and then when he gets shot down, no matter how gently, calls the girl a vile selection of profane names that usually range from dyke to “C u next Tuesday” and everything in between. Does that sound like a “nice guy”? There are a lot of this type running around and they are very vocal about how nice guys finish last. Men who have “nice guy syndrome” are likely to be narcissists who have a sense of entitlement and therefore they lash out when they don’t get the girl they feel they deserve.


2. Nice Guys Don’t Try to Get the Girl

Real “nice guys” can sometimes have an insecurity complex which leads them into not really trying to get the girl. They will ask her once and if she can’t accept no matter how legit the reason (working, sick, family obligation), they will take that rejection too hard and never try again. This is a real problem because most of the time they aren’t being romantically rejected but they take it that way and a romance that could have happened never will now.

3. Unreasonable Expectations – Stay in Your Lane

Nice guys will bemoan that women want a bad boy so they have no chance with her. The thing is though that most women don’t want that and if nice guys were trying to court nice girls they’d be more successful. Too often these “nice guys” want a Lady Gaga or a Pamela Anderson type not Suzie the cute average girl next door who wants to get married and have 2.5 kids and a dog. Naturally, when you are a 3 or a 4 guy and you think you are entitled to a 9 or 10 gal, well then you will believe all women are just looking for a bad boy. Stop trying to get a girl you have no chance with and start looking for a woman who is more your type. You need to stay in your lane, drop unreasonable expectations and you will be much happier. I promise.



4. Nice = Weak and Weak is Not Sexy

Nice guys can come across as weak in body and mind. Women want a man that makes them feel safe and secure. We want to know that if someone comes after us that you will protect us. If you look like the wind can knock you over, then you’d better have a brain that can’t be bested. You don’t have to be “The Rock” but you’d better be able to kill a spider and perhaps defend us verbally. If not you’ll be watching porn and joining some menimist group in short order.

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