7 Things Idiocracy Predicted

#1) The English language was really dumbed down in the movie, and we are definitely getting there. Since the movie came out in 2006, social media has helped to speed that along even more quickly than the film may have predicted. I mean, “douchebaggery” and “amazeballs” are actually in the dictionary now.

#2) Automobile technology- for better for for worse. The ability for law enforcement to stop a car remotely. It happens in the movie, but that technology wasn’t a reality until years later. The drivers also had GPS in their cars that guided them turn-by-turn, which is much closer to what we have today than the maps (remember those?) that most people were using in 2006.

#3) Advertising is getting much coarser. In the movie, ads are in-your-face with the F word and, while we haven’t quite gotten there yet, we aren’t that far away.

#4)  “The Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505” predicted in the movie might already be coming true. In fact, Guatemala is known for their garbage landslides.

#5) In the film, the news channels are getting crazy to bring in new viewers. The anchors are all very attractive and dressed in sexy clothing (the male anchor isn’t wearing a shirt at all). Today, we have “Naked News” in Canada.

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6. The oversimplified computer keyboard in Idiocracy actually looks a lot like our smartphones and streaming devices.

7. In the movie, the most popular television show Ow! My Balls! seemed ridiculous, but now we’ve got Wipeout and a guy on America’s Got Talent who literally just…gets hit in the privates. So, maybe that’s not so crazy.