7 Things Men Do That Creep Women Out


We don’t mind a quick look, especially on a day when we’re feeling fancy. It’s flattering. Staring is just creepy. Too many men don’t have an off button when it comes to checking out a woman they find attractive. It’s fine to admire, but there’s a fine line between gawker and stalker.

2.Dick Pics

This cannot be emphasized enough – women do not hold your genitals in nearly as much esteem as you do. We like what they do…we’re not particularly enthralled with how they look. You know what we do when you send a dick pic? We show all our friends and point and laugh. You don’t ever want women laughing at your penis. Don’t send them. They’re not sexy, they’re creepy.

3.Repeat the same compliment over and over.

One “You look lovely today” is welcome and very nice. After that it gets creepy. It makes us think you’re insincere because you can’t think of anything else to say, plus it’s kind of “stalker-ish” . It also makes us think you’re you’re under the impression all it takes for us to melt into a puddle at your feet is the right compliment.

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