7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able To Buy Online But Can

  1. Polonium-210. The radioactive isotope used to assassinate exiled Russian KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is available to buy online for just $69 plus shipping and handling.New Mexico firm United Nuclear Scientific Equipment & Supplies sells samples of the big PO as well as a slew of other scary stuff that I really do not trust in the hands of your average joe. Thanks, Internet!

2. Dinosaur bones. Numerous online stores sell fossils of dinosaur bones and poop, instead of being displayed in museum gift shops where it somehow more morally proper. Despite the proliferation of fossils, one has to wonder where all these bones and poop balls are coming from. And why is it legal to sell them?

3. Cyanide. One can buy 99.8% pure cyanide for under $40. Cyanide has a lot of benign uses, such as commercial jewellery making, but the fact that all of the online retailers we found emphasize discreet service makes it clear they are selling weapons that will be deadly in the wrong hands.

4. Torture kits. There are some truly horrific looking torture kits on the internet, and perhaps just as disturbing is that they’re actually called ‘torture kits’. They’re literally only to torture people so… how is this legal?

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