7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able To Buy Online But Can

5. Space Stuff. Did you know NASA has a thriving surplus operation? The space agency sells about $400 million worth of used rockets, platforms, real estate, computers, and other assorted space stuff every year.


6. A title. Fancy calling yourself by an ancient English nobility title? Well you can, but you’ll get major side-eye if you try to use it. These titles are legit, but they’re under the old feudal system, not the modern monarch system – and that makes them utterly worthless. They attached to a bit of land in ancient times, but modern titles do not derive from the land. Titles that actually mean something are only granted by the Queen. So if you buy a title, you’re a ponce.


 7. A town. If you’ve ever thought about running for mayor, you can circumvent the whole democracy issue and just buy yourself a town from the comfort of your livingroom. A small town in Oregon is currently available, and in Europe you can find numerous towns in England and Italy for sale. The $3 million you spend for a good-sized town will probably cost less than an election too. Win/win.

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