7 things women love about men

Men have gotten a lot of bad press lately because of the horrific, ungentlemanly actions of some nasty people. However, many men make women thankful to have such great partners in humanity.

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, have male friends, or tons of brothers, men are just fun to be around. They help bring a different perspective to every situation women find themselves in. So let’s examine seven things women really love about men.

7. Men don’t spend the entire conversation talking about weight or food.

Not all women do this, but enough women turn the talk to appearance and diet that being around men can feel like a release from that kind of pressure. Guys just say, “You wanna get a burger/pizza/steak?” and the only thing they’ll judge you for is how little you eat. Your dinner conversation will be about literally anything besides appearance.

6. Men like to find solutions to problems, rather than agonize over options.

In all fairness, women do sometimes get annoyed with men when we just want to hash out our day, uninterrupted. But we really do appreciate a fresh perspective on whatever is bothering us. Their rational, problem-solving approach, delivered in a calm and confident manner, really helps to soothe our troubled souls.

5. Let’s be honest; heavy lifting helps.

We have most definitely heard of a hand truck, but everybody calls guys when they move. EVERYBODY. It’s a fair trade; we carry life in our womb and deliver it with great duress. Men lug the dresser up the stairs and the trash to the curb. Deal? Deal.

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