7 Ways to Tell He’s a B*stard

We all know that one couple. The one where the guy is a real b*stard yet his girl can’t or won’t see it. Maybe she’s just too much in love or maybe her self-esteem is just so low that she thinks she actually deserves a b*stard. Either way the rest of us can see it because he displays all the stereotypical signs on a daily basis. For those who don’t know the signs pay attention because this is the last guy you want in your life.

1. He’s got a quick temper and isn’t afraid to show it.

Anyone who is quick to get angry and not embarrassed to show it off is a real b*stard. Anger is actually a manifestation of fear so the guy is actually a big chicken but he’s so full of crap that he’s not able to be vulnerable so anger is his go-to emotion. If you can’t go for a drive without him getting a case of road rage you need to move on.

2. He treats service workers like crap.

If you find yourself being embarrassed by his rude and nasty behavior to service workers you need to find a new man. Real men treat other people with respect. Real men know about manners and how to handle themselves in public. If your date treats your waitress like garbage get out while you can. It would probably be best to do it before the food arrives as it will most likely contain spit or something far worse.

3. He talks about himself in the third person.

This is not only a classic characteristic of a narcissist but it’s the actions of real b*stard. This guy always thinks his opinion is the most important one in the room. Stay as far away as you can from anyone who talks about themselves in the third person on a regular basis.

4. He puts you down.

If you can’t do anything right with this guy then he’s not the one. If everything you like is the worst to him he’s showing you that you’ll never measure up to his standards so there’s no use even trying. Clearly he’d rather be alone since he’s perfect and no one else on the planet can live up to that.

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