In Defense of Fist Fighting

Fist fighting is as old as the human species. Long before the Bronze Age of metal weapons or even the more basic Stone Age human beings have been fighting each other for a number of reasons. However crude or primitive the idea of hand to hand combat may seem to some it’s a fact of life. Humans may have evolved but we are still animals with baser instincts that include the need to fight each other sometimes.

Is there ever a reason to fight another person today in 2017? That’s the real question. The answer is of course, yes. It may be for money and entertainment as displayed in professional boxing matches. Perhaps it’s for a few bucks at a local bar or maybe it’s to settle a dispute between two friends or family members. The best way to settle the argument about fist fighting is to ask the participants themselves rather than soft bellied on-lookers who may think it’s too barbaric or just plain illegal to fight. The decision to fight belongs to those involved and if they agree to do it and stand by the outcome then the rest of us really don’t have a valid opinion on the matter.

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