The Top 7 Reasons Dogs Are Obviously Better Pets Than Cats

Dogs are awesome. This is a no brainer, if you’re human and have feelings then you want a dog, if you’re a cold calculating narcissist then you want a cat. Oh, okay that was harsh. Plenty of nice people have cats but that’s just because they don’t know how much better dogs are and so this is for you. The top seven reasons dogs are obviously better than cats.

1. Dogs can do tactical obedience and cats don’t even know what obedience is. A dog can protect you and your home and unless your cat is a tiger what is it going to keep you safe from…your dignity?


2. When you get bored and you want to go for a run or throw the frisbee around, but you only have your dog and cat – who is going to run with you or catch and return your frisbee?

This guy?


Yeah no, obviously it’s going to be an awesome dog like this one!!

3. Dogs just give you unconditional love and affection. The dog is happy you are home even if you’re a big jerk. Cats do not give a crap unless you have food or something.  

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