The Top 7 Ways To Tell You Have A Drinking Problem

Have you been wondering lately if you might actually have a problem with drinking? Alcohol addiction or over-indulging in alcohol is common in American life. If you’re not sure where you fall on the spectrum, but suspect things might be getting out of hand, here are some ways to tell if you should start thinking about cutting back.

1.You’re thinking about your next drink.

Are you planning your day around your next drink? Do you find yourself checking off the tasks you need to complete before you can relax with a drink? If you find yourself scheduling your commitments with your next drink in mind, you might have a problem.

2.You hide your alcohol/lie about how much you drink.

You have bottles hidden from the people you live with, or even from yourself. You lie about how much you drink. These are signs of a more serious problem.

3.You experience memory loss when you drink.

Maybe you’re not blacking out, but you might be forgetting about some things you said or did until you’re reminded the next day. Did you forget about your late-night Amazon shopping? Did you get a text back from someone you don’t even remember texting? Did you download some music that you would never listen to sober? We’re all forgetful sometimes, but it’s a problem if you notice consistent memory loss every time you drink.

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