A Woman Explains 5 Sex Myths

A woman explains just a few of the things men have always wondered about.

1. Myth: She can’t get pregnant if she’s on her period.

Fact: Oh, yes she can. The chances are lower and the process is a bit complicated to explain in a blurb, but basically it boils down to the fact that there’s no way for a woman to tell if her egg has been flushed out of her system or not. It could still be lurking in there ready for a last shot at the big-time. Also, sperm can survive inside a woman’s body for up to three days. There is a chance it could just wait around until the next egg is ready and blammo! Bottom line: Don’t think period sex is your defense against pregnancy. That’s just dumb.

2. Myth:The G-spot

Fact: The history of the G-spot theory is as complicated as finding an actual G-spot. The truth is, there isn’t actually one magical spot inside the walls of the vagina that triggers orgasm during intercourse. It can happen if a woman is lucky enough to have an abnormal amount of nerve-ending clustered in one part of her vaginal wall, but it isn’t that common. Vaginal orgasms are rare and the whole G-spot thing has been an unnecessary source of stress for men and women for decades.

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